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Kathy’s Music is a unique music program that offers a 20-year progression of musical study, from Kindermusik early childhood education classes to private music lessons for children and adults.

Our Kindermusik program is one of the largest in the world, with classes for children from babies to 7-year-olds. You’ll become a part of a community, watching your child grow from a baby whose brain thrives on musical learning, to an older child preparing to embark on music study of her own.

In addition to our Kindermusik classes, we offer some of the most diverse private music lessons in Pittsburgh for children and adults through our Music Artistry Program. More than just a weekly lesson, Music Artistry gives our students the chance to master an instrument and build a repertoire or study an instrument for fun and enjoyment.

We welcome learners of all ages into our four Pittsburgh-area studios – Mt. Lebanon, Squirrel Hill, McMurray and Robinson Township.

Whether your interest lies in piano lessons for yourself or Kindermusik classes for your child, we invite you to join us for your musical journey that could last for decades!

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Babies, Timbre, Rhythms, Counting & Patterns

Parenting Tip:  Sing, play, and count in 3’s Why? Researchers, scientists, and teachers have long recognized the link between music and math, but the benefits seemed to be long-term – later when children were learning math in school.  The exciting reality is that even very young children are unknowingly learning math as they participate in ...

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Musical Memory for Toddlers

Parenting Tip:  Add music to your daily routine to boost your toddlers’ memory! Why? Short-term memory has the ability to hold about seven bits of information.  But, when patterns and related groupings of information are bound together as a unit, the volume of material stored increases.  Patterns then become an important avenue for recall and ...

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Integrated Learning for Preschoolers

Parenting Tip:  Learn Kindermusik games from your child, and play, sing, read, write, and move together! Why? Each Kindermusik activity has multiple objectives, and helps your child to develop multiple skills, at once.  When we sing Hello, we are using listening ears, singing voices, practicing steady beat & tempo, and using appropriate dynamics.  As we ...

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Baby’s Awareness of Rhythms

Parenting Tip:  Move & tap to rhythms with baby. Why? Rhythmic awareness is simply being aware of steady beat and meter in music and in our surroundings.  The most fundamental property of music is beat, the underlying, unchanging, repeating pulse that occurs in song, chant, and rhyme.  Your child was first exposed to be in ...

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Instrument Exploration for Toddlers

Parenting Tip:  Create an ‘instrument petting zoo’ for your toddler! Why? When a child takes up a new instrument and bangs, pushes, rolls, and shakes it to find out what sounds it makes, they are working on the skills of curiosity and persistence. When they decide they would like to try the instrument that knocks ...

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Preschoolers – Connecting Symbols & Sounds

Parenting Tip:  Write a song using symbols! Why? Just as children must learn the relationship between sounds and letters and words in order to begin to decode or interpret the printed word, children learn the relationship between sounds and musical symbols in order to begin to decode or interpret the language of music or the ...

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Exploring Timbre with Baby

Parenting Tip:  Explore kitchen sound-makers with baby. Why? The distinctive quality of a sound is called its timbre (pronounced “tam-ber”).  In Kindermusik classes, and in everyday life, baby hears a variety of sounds – scratchy sounds, booming drum sounds, individual voices and groups of voices singing and speaking, and many others.  As Baby experiences the ...

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Tempo for Toddlers

Parenting Tip:  Move to fast and slow beats! Why? Children perceive the world through their senses, and learning is most enjoyable and effective when multiple senses of a child's body are involved.  For instance, when the children are clapping fast & slow tempi, they feel the movement of their hands, hear the sound their hands ...

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Preschoolers & Expressive Movement

Parenting Tip:  Create dance moves for every room in the house! Why? Expressive movement is pretend play that’s functioning in a new way – giving your child motions that they might not normally use. For instance, the movements involved in pretending to build a house create an opportunity to use familiar movements in a new ...

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Pittsburgh music studio offering Kindermusik 0-7 years, Summer Camps, Private Lessons: strings, guitar, ukulele, piano, voice, woodwinds, brass.

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