Developing Independence – Kindermusik Helps With That!

                        As much as you want to hug your child close, at the same time you long for them to develop independence so that they can thrive apart from you. It squeezes your heart when you see the fear in their eyes or sometimes …

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Kindermusik Makes Great Parenting Easier

Kindermusik Makes Great Parenting Easier. As a parent you yearn to provide so many things for your child. You want her to reach her full potential with self-confidence and the ability to make friends. You want to give her the things NOW that will help her LATER to be successful in school and in life. …

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Give the Gift of Music This Holiday Season!

by Kathy Morrison, Director Music and the holidays just go together! Holiday songs are a part of all of the festivities from parties to cookie baking to your favorite holiday movie. The timelines songs evoke sweet memories of celebrations from long ago with family and friends. We love music during this season. So this year — Give the Gift …

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A Mom’s View: Kindermusik makes great parenting easier.

by Heather Stitt, Macaroni Kid of Washington-Canonsburg Is there anything sweeter than hearing tiny little voices singing? Only when it’s your littles doing the singing! Mine have started singing in the car and everywhere since we started Kindermusik class. Kindermusik classes encourage and develop singing which is music to my ears. In a very short time, my …

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A Mom’s View: Seeing the Social Interactions Up Close.

by Heather Stitt, Macaroni Kid of Washington-Canonsburg In my last post, I talked about the benefits of Kindermusik and how using the ideas from class can help make parenting easier. One of the areas I touched on is the socialization that kids get during a Kindermusik class. I have heard a bunch of moms talking …

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My First Kindermusik Class

Written by Guest Blogger, Heather Stitt What do you think of when you hear about Kindermusik? That it is a music class for children, right? We just had our first class this morning and it is so much more than that. Of course there is music and singing, but so much learning and connecting is ...

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Babies, Timbre, Rhythms, Counting & Patterns

Parenting Tip:  Sing, play, and count in 3’s Why? Researchers, scientists, and teachers have long recognized the link between music and math, but the benefits seemed to be long-term – later when children were learning math in school.  The exciting reality is that even very young children are unknowingly learning math as they participate in …

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Variety of Music is KEY to developing the Brain!

Musical Parenting tip:  Listen to different types of music with your Toddler Why? “Different forms and styles are used for specific effects based on the way the rhythm, tempo, melody, and effect have been developed by the composer… Accelerated learning techniques use a variety of music with contrasting elements and effects to create a comprehensive, multifaceted …

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Developing Discriminatory Listening Begins with Babies!

Musical Parenting Tip:  Notice and label sounds, with baby Why? Music develops babies’ growing discriminatory listening skills by hearing the various sounds of instruments and the voices of adults singing and humming. The ability to detect and attend to sounds—and to distinguish between them—sets babies on the path to fine-tuned listening and receptive language.   How? Being aware of the auditory environment will …

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