Yes, We Do Musical Theatre!

  She’s singing like she really IS “Moana” or “Belle” or “Elsa” while dancing around the house with arms flung-open wide as if she really could make snow fall from the sky. He’s turning everything into a song and adding his own choreography. We have Musical Theatre Options just for you in a place that’s …

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Babies, Timbre, Rhythms, Counting & Patterns

Parenting Tip:  Sing, play, and count in 3’s Why? Researchers, scientists, and teachers have long recognized the link between music and math, but the benefits seemed to be long-term – later when children were learning math in school.  The exciting reality is that even very young children are unknowingly learning math as they participate in …

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Developing Discriminatory Listening Begins with Babies!

Musical Parenting Tip:  Notice and label sounds, with baby Why? Music develops babies’ growing discriminatory listening skills by hearing the various sounds of instruments and the voices of adults singing and humming. The ability to detect and attend to sounds—and to distinguish between them—sets babies on the path to fine-tuned listening and receptive language.   How? Being aware of the auditory environment will …

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Pittsburgh music studio offering Kindermusik 0-7 years, Summer Camps, Private Lessons: strings, guitar, ukulele, piano, voice, woodwinds, brass.

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