By Kathy Morrison


Sometimes the biggest change starts with a small ripple.

In this case, the ripple was created by two piano teachers and a handful of students who wanted to use their love of music to impact families devastated by the recent flooding in the US.

Laura Roberts and Laura Mason, two of our long-time piano teachers, teamed up to hold a Practice-a-Thon where students would raise money based on how many mi

Once the ripple started, the circles grew.

How inspiring

After the celebration recital, students and parents teamed up to pack flood-relief buckets that will be shipped to families in need from the hurricane devastation.

IMG_9036Not only is this project changing the world for flood victims, it is changing the lives of people right here at home in Pittsburgh. We are working together to develop empathy for others in need with a bias for action where music is th After two week of practice and a family/friends recital, this small group raised
over nutes they practiced piano over the course of 2 weeks.$1600e bonding agent. I’m confident more ripples of positive change will be seen for years to come.

“I loved the Practice-A-Thon because it brought together three of my passions: music, helping others, and community. Through the Practice-a-Thon, students were given motivation to practice, an
opportunity to share their music with others (family AND members of my church) through the performance, and a hands-on experience of helping others in need, through packing the flood relief buckets. I also loved collaborating with friend and colleague, Laura Mason – bringing our students and families together was an additional opportunity for community and helped to have an even great impact. I am blown away by everyone’s generosity, support, and willingness to change the world through music!” – Laura Roberts

“I am very proud of and humbly grateful for all the time and effort that the students and their families put into this project which enabled growth in musicality and solidarity. It was very obvious how beautifully the joy of making music and helping others go together.” – Laura Mason

Congratulations to the entire team for their hard work and the amazing results:

Addison AlexanderIMG_9025

Andy Scherer

Grace Skalniak

Kaylie ButtsThomas Rodriguez

Natalie Roberts

Eva Mason

Abigail Roberts

Abigail and Isabelle Clark

Tommy Slowey

Jaden WorkIMG_9024

Colin and Anna Hoffmann

Maggie Stech

Drew Lincoln

Maura McCabe

Elizabeth Hrabik

Molly Biedrzycki

Grace Kollar

Irena Morrison

Miss Laura & Miss LauraIMG_3692 IMG_3697IMG_3696IMG_3694IMG_3698