Join a team this summer.

Making music with other people brings a confidence and enjoyment that is vastly different from private lessons. The social component creates community, which feeds into the desire every person has to belong, to be part of a group. By joining a camp this summer and becoming part of the Bucket Band team or the Musical Theatre Team or even the Jazz Band Team, you are giving them an opportunity to find their “tribe.”


She will discover she has something in common with that girl down the street. He’ll decide it must be cool to love Jazz Music because he fits in with the group and others love it too.


Making music with others challenges us to raise our standards, to widen our horizon, and to think outside the box. Instead of our music world consisting of a small room and our teacher, students discover that there is a world of other “teams” to join.















Check out these summer camps (aka “Music Teams”):

Bucket Beat Camp – A Bucket Band for ages 9-12 years

Summer Jazz Band for ages 9-14 years

Musical Theater Camp for ages 6-12 years


Learn more about Music Artistry Summer Camps.


Musical Parenting Tip: You want your student participate in one of these camps this summer, but they are not on board. What can you do?

Create interest and enthusiasm in 3 different ways:

  • Listen to EXCELLENT music on their instrument of choice. When your student hears what it could be like, she will be motivated to do more. He will be more open to giving one of these camps a try.
  • Search YouTube for a Bucket Band and show him what a bucket band actually is. Search for Youth Jazz Bands and help her understand what jazz bands look like and sound like. Search for a Musical Theatre production performed by kids. They need a vision. So give them one.
  • Buy tickets to a concert or live performance this spring. There is something about seeing the symphony perform live or seeing the local High School Musical that creates a yearning inside our hearts to be a part of a group that is creating music together.


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