Young Child : Ages 5-6

At this age, students are ready to join our Kindermusik Orchestra!

We offer four progressive units two in the fall session, and two in the spring. During these sessions, we introduce children to a variety of instrument families. Every boy and girl in class is so proud when they learn to read and write music. They will cheer when we hand them their first piece of sheet music and you will begin to see how amazing our method for layering concepts can be! They spend time making music on the glockenspiel. Then we will add dulcimer, provide an introduction to violin, and have the opportunity to earn a black beltin our Recorder Karate unit.

Over the course of the four units in our Kindermusik for Big Kids class, children learn musical theory and composition, and even practice some improvisation. We share the joy of not only making, but also writing music, as the children compose their first masterpiece using paint chips and the recorder. Finally, we provide opportunities for hands on time with instruments and teachers so they can discover what instrument to study formally after Kindermusik graduation. This provide a smooth bridge to our Music Artistry programs.


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Location abbreviations:

  • KMSHJCC – Squirrel Hill JCC
  • KMMcM – McMurray
  • KMMTL – Mt. Lebanon
  • KMROB – Robinson

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Pittsburgh music studio offering Kindermusik 0-7 years, Summer Camps, Private Lessons: strings, guitar, ukulele, piano, voice, woodwinds, brass.

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