Kindermusik Make-Up Classes

Kindermusik Make-Up Classes

An amazing value included with your Kindermusik enrollment package.


Reserve Your Space Today for a Makeup Class!

Kindermusik families enjoy the benefit of unlimited makeup classes as long as you are actively enrolled.

You can schedule a makeup class BEFORE you miss a class (in case you are traveling or have a doctor’s appointment).

You can schedule a  makeup class AFTER you miss a class (in case of illness or your car has a flat tire).

You can makeup the class anytime you are enrolled. It does not have to be the same week that you miss a class.

It’s EASY to schedule a makeup class:
To schedule a Kindermusik makeup class, review the calendar below and choose a class according to your child’s age. When you click the link, the system will prompt you to login to your account. From there go to the EVENT tab and reserve your space.

TIP: Makeup Classes are events! So be SURE to click the EVENTS tab when you are promoted to login to the customer portal.

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KINDERMUSIK MAKE-UP CALENDAR - We add new dates to the calendar every September, January, and June.

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