by Kathy Morrison


Are you in charge of the winter party at school?

Thinking of hosting a neighborhood party with kids?

Or maybe you just want some new ideas for engaging your children during this holiday season.

Music & Movement games are the key! And we can help.


Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  1. Go Ice Skating – Pass out paper plates and invite the children to “skate” around the room while playing “Skater’s Waltz” on your iPod.  Download this song from Kindermusik HERE. Setup an account with Play.Kindermusik.Com and the first 3 songs are FREE.
  2. Build a Snowman – Divide the class into groups of 5 children.  Choose one person in each group to become the “snowman”.  Give out rolls of toilet paper.  Set the timer.  Give the children 3 minutes to wrap toilet paper around the “snowman” and then add coats and hats to complete the outfit.  The team that finishes first – wins!  Add “Frosty The Snowman” for some background music. Download it HERE.
  3. Hold a Lip Sync contest using Kindermusik’s “Winter Wonderland” album.  Divide the class into groups and give each group 5 minutes to come up with their own version of performing this song.  Turn on the ipod and give each group a turn.  Then have the class vote on their favorite performance!  Download “Winter Wonderland” from Kindermusik HERE.
  4. It’s a Sleigh Ride – Give out jingle bells and streamers (these are the reins) to each pair of students.  One person is the horse and the other is the rider.  Play “Over the River and Through The Woods” while the kids gallop around the room.  It’s a longer track, so stop the song every 20-30 seconds and make it a “freeze” game.  Invite the rider and the horse to change places halfway through the track.
  5. Have jingle bells on hand and do a Jingle Bell Play-along with several songs to choose from: Jingle Bells, Jingle Jangle, Jingle Bell Symphony, or Sing-a-Ling-a-Ling. All available on the “Winter Wonderland” Album (free to download and stream).
  6. Give out flashlights. Turn down the lights. Turn on the music! Invite the children to make pictures on the wall with their flashlights OR even do some flashlight conducting moving the light to the beat using a favorite holiday song. Use one of the songs we’ve already mentioned or slow things down with this version of “This Little Light of Mine.”

Kindermusik has 4 other holiday albums to give you variety for the holidays and the whole winter through. Check out http://play.Kindermusik.com to learn more.

BONUS ACTIVITY (fun for adults too):  Name that holiday song!  Create a playlist of 10 favorite holiday and winter songs.  Play the first 5 seconds of each song and have the kids guess.  The person with the most correct answer wins.

Happy Holidays from Kathy’s Music to all the families in our community! May music be part of your holiday celebration and the New Year!