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What does my Kindermusik Enrollment include?

  • Weekly 45 minute classes (or 60 minutes if Young Child program)
  • Welcome Bag with Home CD and Instrument
  • New CD’s every 4 weeks as we feature new albums in class
  • Online Parent Resources to go with each album – activities, ASL library for baby classes, mp3 files, parenting tips
  • Unlimited Makeups as long as you are enrolled
  • Personalized Progression Plan for each student
  • Parent Education (in class and online)
  • Three Special Events during the school year – Fall Farm Fieldtrip, February Family Dance, Spring Class Picnic

What does my Music Artistry Enrollment include?

  • 30-, 45-, 60-minute weekly lessons customized for each student
  • Music Artistry Assignment Notebook with incentive practice programs included
  • BONUS: Music Artistry Drawstring bag for books!
  • One Make-up lesson in the fall / One make-up lesson in the Spring
  • Resources Available:
    • Instrument Playlists for Excellent Listening (listed on our website)
    • Instrument Maintenance Tips (website)
    • Music Parents Guide – tips for how parents can support their child at home and during their lessons
    • Online Recital Hall (website)
  • Performance Opportunities Available:
    • Fall and Spring Formal Recitals
    • 12 Days of Music Video Challenge
    • Winter Ensemble Concert – featuring our very own Orchestra, Flute Choir, Trumpet Chamber Music, Vocal Ensemble, and guest performers
    • March Coffeehouse
  • SPECIAL: Spring Music Festival ($20) – Prepare 2 selections and related scales and perform for an adjudicator. Receive written feedback, certificate, and photos the next week in your lesson.

How much does it cost?

Each class or lesson option on our schedule lists a monthly tuition that will be charged automatically using a credit card on file.  Kindermusik classes run between $59-$66/month. Music Artistry Private lessons run between $90-$124 depending on the teacher. There is an annual $40 registration fee for all private lesson students (only 1 fee per family).

Summer Camp tuition varies based on the length of the camp and the kind of experience we are providing. Please see the specific classes for more information.

We run a school year program. The monthly tuition is 1/9th of the total for the school year providing a consistent, budget-friendly amount.

When do payments run?

Payments do not run at the time of registration. We run payments on the 1st day of the month. If you are enrolled for the school year, payments run from September to May.

If you are enrolled for Summer Camps, the payments runs the 1st day of the month you are enrolled. If you are enrolled for Summer Lessons, we take the total cost of summer lessons and divide by 3  for equal payments run in June, July, and August.

How do I update my credit card information?

Login to your account using our Secure Customer Portal using your email address and setup a password.

Is there a registration fee?

There is NO registration fee for Kindermusik classes.

Music Artistry lesson registrations for the school year (September to May) are charged an Annual Registration fee of $40 per family. This fee is non-refundable.

If you join us for summer lessons ONLY, there is no registration fee.

If I register for a school year, do I have to stay the whole year from September to May?

You can pause enrollment at the end of any month with an email to our office. We recommend at least 6-8 weeks of Kindermusik classes and Lessons to give a child or student time to transition and adapt to the new rituals and routines of class/lessons.

What if my baby’s naptime changes?

We can help! Students can transfer to another day/time on our schedule at any location where there is availability at any point in the year. Contact the Kindermusik Coordinator for help.

Can I make up a Kindermusik class?

Yes you can! Choose a class on our makeup calendar that’s convenient for you. You have unlimited makeup classes as long as you are enrolled.  Login to our Customer Portal using your email address and click on Events to see the list of available makeup classes.

Can I make up a private lesson?

Yes you can! Music Lesson students can request 1 makeup lesson for a missed lessons during the Fall and 1 makeup lesson for a missed lesson during the Spring. We have designated days set aside for makeup lessons at the end of each season. See our Calendar for details.

When can my child promote up to the next level of Kindermusik?

Your child can promote up any time during the school year according to birthdate and development. We do not rush children ahead. Often parents choose to move up in September, January, and summer for convenient scheduling, yet we promote up every month and CELEBRATE with you!

What’s the difference between Young Child and Piano Corner?

Kindermusik for the Young Child is designed to prepare children for formal music instruction and formal music making in school. Children learn to read and write music, learn about the orchestra, learn musical terminology and the symbols that go with it, sing on pitch, participate in 3 part-ensembles, and learn to play the glockenspiel, dulcimer, and recorder. Piano Corner is a music exploration class with piano as the primary instrument. The focus is on keyboard geography. Children learn to read rhythms, but not notes on the staff. The typical progression is Piano Corner, then Young Child, then private lessons.

How do I access my Kindermusik materials online?

Each Kindermusik album for ages 0- 4 years that is featured in class comes with an online resource for parents. Login to using your email address to find these valuable assets waiting for you! Discover activities for home, worksheets, videos, and even a Sign Language video library for babies. Plus you can download music, lyrics, and a book as well for EACH album!

What does my Kindermusik tuition include?

Your Kindermusik tuition includes weekly classes, a Home CD for each album featured in class, a set of digital resources for each album online, plus an instrument in the fall and the spring.  Every registration includes unlimited makeup classes as long as you are enrolled.

What’s the difference between Music Artistry and Conservatory Lessons?

Our Conservatory Lessons are taught by instructors with multiple music degrees. These instructors teach beginners through the college level and frequently have additional certifications like Suzuki as well. They prepare students for college music school auditions and performance auditions.  These teachers will often offer a set of lessons just for “audition prep.”

Do you rent instruments?

No. We do not rent or sell instruments. We do offer recommendations for acquiring an instrument.

How does re-enrollment work?

Music Artistry lesson students are automatically enrolled for 6 summer lessons. Summer lesson students are given priority re-enrollment for fall lesson day/time scheduling.  Returning students register through their teacher to obtain their preferred day/time. New students always register through the office and the Music Artistry Coordinator.

Kindermusik students are automatically re-enrolled from Spring to Fall. We give current parents priority re-enrollment in May.  We invite these parents to share their preferred class day/time during that priority enrollment period before opening up registration to new families.  New Kindermusik families can register online or through the office.

Kindermusik families are NOT re-enrolled for summer classes. Rather we invite families to enroll for each class they want to enjoy in the summer.

What if I want to stop classes or lessons?

Families can pause enrollment for either Kindermusik or Music Artistry Lessons by sending an email to our office ( by the last day of the month to avoid charges for the next month.

We must have the email by the last day to stop the payment on the 1st day of the month. Please look for an email confirmation so you’ll know that enrollment has been paused.

Once a payment runs for the month, no refunds or discounts will be given. If your schedule has changed, please contact our office and we will assist with a list of alternative class/lesson times (if available) so that you can get your classes or lessons in.

How long are private lessons & classes?

Music Artistry Program:
Most students start with a 30 minute private lesson through our Music Artistry program. We offer 45 minute and 60 minute lessons for students who are looking for more advanced instruction.

We often do audition coaching, which often required 3 hours of instructions, 60 minutes at a time.

Piano Corner and Studio Singers group classes are 45 minutes each.

Kindermusik Program:
Kindermusik classes are 45 minutes with parents for babies and toddlers. Our Kindermusik classes for preschoolers are 45 minutes: 30 minutes with the teacher and then a 15 minute family sharing time (parents & siblings). Kindermusik Young Child classes are 60 minutes with parents joining in for the last 10 minutes of class.

Our Drop-Off Summer Camps vary from 90 to 120 minutes a day for 4 days in a row.
Our Ukulele Summer Camps are 2 hours a day for 4 days in a row.

How often do students perform as part of Music Artistry?

Students are invited to perform a selection at any one of our performances below. There is no obligation, no charge to attend, and no charge to participate (exception: Spring Music Festival).

Our Music Artistry Program includes the following performance opportunities program-wide:
Fall and Spring Formal Recitals
December – “12 Days of Music” Video Challenge
February – Winter Ensemble Concert featuring our Music Artistry Orchestra, flute choir, vocal ensemble, and more.
March – Coffee House
April – Spring Music Festival. Students are invited to perform 2 selection for an adjudicator with corresponding scales. Written feedback is provided along with a certificate. ($15 fee applies)

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