Piano Corner: 4–5 Years

Explore the piano “hands on” and begin to understand the geography of the keyboard. She will be delighted with her very first piano book and put all her budding fine-motor skills to work learning hand positions.  This unique experience that takes the movement and instrument time he craves and pairs it with piano exploration to give him a glimpse of future music lessons.

We created a unique experience that combines “hands on” using their first piano book, Meet the Music Friends, with movement, instruments, and rhythm reading. We know that a social experience is best for these young children who want so much to learn to play the piano, yet their fingers are still learning to move independently. That’s why our balance of piano time with time “off the bench” is so successful! The goal is to learn more about piano and more about music in general before choosing the next best step. Most of our students sirmove on from Piano Corner to our Kindermusik Young Child program, where we teach children to read and write music.

Group Piano: 6-7 Years ``Play A Story``

We are delighted to introduce “Play A Story” group piano classes for students ages 6-7 Years. This non-traditional approach invites students to play spontaneously on the piano. Improvisation is often something that traditional piano lessons so often miss out on. Our “Play a Story” classes along with a “home coach” invite students to use improvisation to begin playing right away by interacting with a story book or even an online movie. Parents or “home coaches” are present and active during the 30 minute lessons. Class size is typically 3 students.

Students are inspired by a story. Then a short musical idea or “motif” is introduced that captures the musical expression in the scene. These motifs are the basis for the storyline, which consists of key musical concepts such as major/minor scales, whole-tone and pentatonic scales, 12 bar blues, as well as foundational concepts such as dynamics and tempo. Students are hands on through out the lessons with materials for home that unlock the piano as a means for music-making and story telling.


Piano Corner Tuition is $66/month. Book fees of $15 will be added to the 1st tuition payment for the piano course lesson book and writing book.
 Class sizes are limited to 4-6 children.

Play A Story is $90/month. Book fees of $35 will be added to the 1st tuition payment and include printed and online materials for home practice. Class sizes are typically 3 children.

NOTE: A keyboard for home practice is strongly recommended.


Location abbreviations:

  • KMSHJCC – Squirrel Hill JCC
  • KMMcM – McMurray
  • KMMTL – Mt. Lebanon
  • KMROB – Robinson

SCHEDULE FOR GROUP PIANO 6-7 years - ``Play A Story``

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