Did you know? “One of the reasons student discontinue their musical instrument study from one school year to the next is because they take off an entire summer of playing? This leads them to be incredibly “out of shape” – younger players often forget how to play completely and feel as if they are starting from scratch” by the end of summer. “ – Anthony Mazzocchi


Pausing lessons for the summer is just like when you decide to cancel your gym membership for the summer.

Out of shape.


Make plans now to continue lessons over the summer. It’s important!

Protect the investment you’ve already made and help your student maintain proficiency so they can keep going in the fall.

Make lessons this summer a priority so that your student will WANT to keep going in the fall.


  • You don’t have to practice every week – although that’s preferable.
  • You don’t have to follow the same weekly schedule – there’s flexibility with our Summer 6 pack.
  • You don’t have to keep the same day/time – we teach during the day in the summer.


Here is the best part: You are already enrolled for the Summer 6 pack of lessons.

Music Artistry Summer Lessons

That’s only 6 lessons over 12 weeks.

We give our current students priority, so we already saved you a space.

You don’t have to do anything to register.

Talk to your teacher now about scheduling.

Yes, you can even take more than 6 lessons if you want to make summer the time to focus and excel.


BONUS: Students enrolled for Summer Lessons are given priority for Fall Enrollment. That means you can ENROLL FIRST and get the best choice for days/times with your favorite teacher.


Jazz Up Your Summer with Kathy’s Music!